About Lisa

Lisa Lewison

A Londoner, who lived in Arizona, raised in Iowa, and has a worldwide travel bug.

Lisa moved to London to live, work and travel in 2007 and it's been home ever since. She resides in Islington with her family. Her son, Zack, is the inspiration for the book. Lisa and her husband hope Zack will grow up and feel like a citizen of both countries, since he is! They love flying back to the US to see family and friends in Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, Arizona, and Florida.

These pages are the result of her own trial and error over the years... and she is still learning! Her colleagues, friends, and family have laughed and supported her through moments of saying the ‘wrong’ thing. After thinking she knew all differences about the UK and US, having Zack has made her learn the language all over again. “Why is the doctor telling me to put a flannel on my newborn baby?!”

email:  LisaLewisonAuthor@gmail.com

Photo credit: Sandra Arellano // www.arellano-photography.com